Seiki SE40FY27 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV

Seiki SE40FY27 40″ 1080p LED-LCD TV – 16:9 – HDTV 1080p SE40FY27 LCD Flat Panel TVs

Product Features

  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Backlight: LED (Full Array)
  • Smart Functionality: No
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 36.05” x 21.05″ x 3.62”, TV with stand: 36.05” x 23.34” x 8.97”
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 VGA
  • Accessories Included: Remote w/ batteries


  • Amazon Customer says:

    Calibration settings I got a nearly identical model on sale at Sears (SE40FY19) and the TV is wonderful once it’s been painstakingly calibrated. I don’t know how the TV”s differ exactly (if they do at all, which I doubt they do) so I thought I would post a detailed write up of how I calibrated the tv here in case it helps anyone else.To get the most out of this TV you’re going to want to go into the hidden manufacturers menu and change some settings in there. You should be careful doing this because you can seriously mess up the TV maybe even ruin it completely. If you’re not comfortable doing this, then don’t do it.To access the manufacturer’s hidden menu hit the menu button on the remote and enter “0000”. This will bring up the hidden menu where you can have real control over the TV.Once in the menu we want to select “Others” then “curve Setting” then “Video Curve Setting”. In this menu we can change the range of change on the TV’s…

  • Mark B. says:

    Nice tv 0

  • William Bueno says:

    Great TV Set 0

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